Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Insight for Product Managers

Go0od lunchtime reading...

Usability sells Software by Tyner Blain: Usability of the product has a major influence over how well users like the product. The more usable it is, the more word of mouth marketing we get.

But is it interesting? from Creating passionate users: Introduction to the Kick Ass Curve

Attenuation and the suck threshold from Creating passionate users:

Goldilocks and the Three Products by Tyner Blain: Successful software needs a minimum set of features. Too many features is bad. The Kano approach helps us to pick the right requirements to prioritize allowing us to add features and simultaneously increase user satisfaction.

Goal Driven Documentation by Tyner Blain: Documentation so that people can more easily do the job, not so that they can use the tool. Goal-driven documentation effectively lowers the suck-threshold.


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