Monday, March 12, 2007

Ten easy changes to increase personal satisfaction

I strongly recommend this hour long exploration of satisfaction and happiness from The Infinite Mind radio show. On this episode, titled "Satisfaction," Fred Goodwin asks three authorities in the field of psychology for a few pointers to increase personal satisfaction. The list is simple, makes sense, and all of them are free. Remember, money can’t buy happiness!

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Barry Schwartz: professor of social theory and social action at Swarthmore College and author of “The Paradox of Choice, Why More is Less
10. Develop realistic expectations about how good the results of your decisions will be.
9. Choose when to choose. Be willing to give up choice in certain areas of life. You don’t always need to assert your choice, give others the option to exercise their preference. You don’t always need to present yourself options then go to the effort of evaluating each possibility.
8. Make non-reversible decisions rather than always wanting to keep your options open. When you make reversible decisions you tend to second guess yourself, which leads to dissatisfaction.
7. Regret decisions less.

David Meyers: professor of psychology at Hope College in Michigan
6. Aerobic exercise is a powerful antidote to mild depression and anxiety.
7. Place greater priority on close relationships, investing time and energy in relationships that matter. Nurture relationships just as we nurture our career and bank accounts.
8. Recognize that our disposition is to an extent controlled by our genetic constitution.

Michael McCullough: associate professor of psychology and religion at University of Miami
9. Gratitude provides an important coping strategy in dealing with life’s challenges.
10. Grateful people are generally happier with life and more prone to spiritual satisfaction.Helping others cultivates feelings of happiness and satisfaction.

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Mike P. said...

Chuck, I appreciate your taking the time to share this. Great tips on decision making and trying not to second guess.