Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Enterprise 2.0" equals "Next Generation IT" but does not equal "Web 2.0" (or does it?)

Enterprise 2.0 = Next Generation IT by ZDNet's Dan Farber -- After Wikipedia deleted the "Enterprise 2.0" entry, the Enterprise Irregulars swarmed, responding to the critique of the term by a Wikipedian editor as a "neologism of dubious utility" and taking a crack at defining it.

Accprdomg to Dan, battle lines are being drawn over the term Enterprise 2.0 after the term was deleted by editors of Wikipedia (I found Enterprise 2.0 in Wikipedia redirected under Enterprise Social Software).

In his recent presentation at IDC Directions in Boston, Don Tapscott talked about a similar experience when the term Wikinomics was added, then deleted and subsequently re-added to Wikipedia. Wikinomics is currently #13 on the Business Week best-seller list based on February 2007 sales.

At a recent Boston-SPIN meeting Ed Yourdon gave an hour-long overview of Web 2.0 and keeps updating his Web 2.0 mindmap which has grown to about 25 Mb describing Web 2.0 themes, history, technology, vendors, business & cultural issues, references and conclusions.

There are some common themes with Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0.

Collaborative user generated content
Two way data flow in and out of the enterprise
-- prosumer = producer/consumer
Self Service
Low Barriers to entry
User Driven

Is Enterprise 2.0 a subset of Web 2.0 for business? Interesting topic.

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