Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Feeling Gratitude on Thanksgiving

I'm thankful for many things.

My life is blessed with family, friends, home, health, faith, a successful career, a beautiful place to live.

Some of the things I'm thankful for include:

  • 27 years of happiness in marriage to VJ. I'm especially thankful for VJ's increasing committment to personal fitness.

  • Our son Mike, finding success and independence with his first job.

  • Our son Nick, who is doing so well in college that he is likely to complete his BS in Computer Science in 3-1/2 instead of four years, while pursuing his interests in powerrisers and video production.

  • Our daughter Emily, who is getting off to a great start in her first year in college and whose intramural volleyball team won the college league.

  • My Mom, who raised over $3,000 this summer to purchase a set of steps to enable handicapped, elderly or disabled people to use the municiapal pool where my parents swim.

  • My Dad, who at age 84 is continuing on the recovery from triple by-pass surgery last May.

  • The rest of my extended family, my sisters, in-laws, nieces and nephews, who I am looking forward to seeing more often over the holidays.

  • The spiritual leadership of Fr. Bob, Fr. Matt, Fr. Ray Collins, Bishop Tobin, and the many members of St. Luke's parish family, especially Dave & Marilyn and the members of St. Luke's Alpha group, and the Men's Fellowship Group.

  • Friends around town, at work and online.

  • Boats, fishing, bikes, kayaks.

  • The ability and motivation to share these gifts with others.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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