Saturday, June 25, 2011

SAP Mastering The Cloud in 8 Easy Steps recorded webinars

SAP Mastering The Cloud in 8 Easy Steps webinar series.

Over the eight sessions, you heard cloud experts Kamesh Pemmaraju, who demystified the cloud with critical research insights, and Jeff Kaplan, who interviewed companies already leveraging the cloud to achieve their business goals.

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Session 1: April 13, 2011 Beyond the Hot Air: What's really in the cloud? Hear Kamesh Pemmaraju of Sand Hill Group define the cloud and learn how companies like yours are already leveraging the cloud. White Paper

Session 2: April 20, 2011 Cloud Insider: Beyond the Hot Air: Jeff Kaplan of THINKstrategies talks with Sina Moatamed, former CIO of BendPak Inc. White Paper

Session 3: April 27, 2011 Cloud Benefits 101: What's in it for you? Kamesh Pemmaraju explains the cloud benefits in store for your company. White Paper

Session 4: May 4, 2011 Cloud Insider: What's in it for you? , Jeff Kaplan presents implementation success strategies from Eric Brown, CEO of Johnson Products Company, who achieved his start-up mandates within 90 days - in the cloud. White Paper

Session 5: May 11, 2011 Roadmap to Cloud Success: How to get there? Kamesh Pemmaraju defines eight mission-critical steps for mapping your route to success in the cloud.

Session 6: May 25, 2011 Cloud Insider: Roadmap to Cloud Success. Neil Briggs, CFO of WL Plastics, shares his roadmap to cloud success with Jeff Kaplan. White Paper

Session 7: June 1, 2011 Competitive Edge in the Cloud: Is the sky the limit?. Kamesh Pemmaraju recaps Steps 1- 6 and advises that a long-term cloud view is your ticket to riding this next massive economic and technological wave to ongoing growth and success. White Paper

Session 8: June 8, 2011 Cloud Insider: Competitive Edge in the Cloud. Jeff Kaplan asks Greg Dunn, CFO of Sambazon, about the innovative strategies that are enabling Sambazon to surpass business boundaries in the cloud.

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