Monday, February 21, 2011

How NOT to label products

I hate it when I buy something, take it home, and find I have to struggle with irremovable product labels. Note to Boise Cascade, Home Depot, and anyone else who is listening... If you are going to sell AB Plywood, put the #%&@! label on the B side, not the A side.

I'm paying extra to get a clean finish for my project. Do you think that means I want to spend 15 to 20 minutes scraping off your UPC that seems permanently glued near the middle of the sheet of plywood?

You would hope they would know better!
Now I feel better.


Anna said...

Oh boy did you hit a nerve...I recently bought a box of red pencils. Would you believe they had a bar code label wrapped around the top of each and every pencil in that box!!! I tried to get one off...could NOT without it leaving a sticky film. So I took them back to Staples...which has a very generous return policy...but now I'm without my red pencils, grrr.
Anna, Cape Cod...just around the corner from ya ;o)

Chuck Anastasia said...

Thanks Anna, There must be a zillion examples of this. Maybe I should start a post for products that are labeled well.